Magic Men

There’s a new group called Pinoy Magic Men, and it’s wonderfully composed of boys from all walks and uh, persuasion in local show business. I featured the first three members before – Vin, Albie and Marco – off to the US for a series of shows with drag queens. The other half of the team is made up of Jay, Markki and Victor, who – if you ask me – could still give the younger ‘uns a run for their milk money.

69 thoughts on “Magic Men”

    1. Kung maka-jologs ka naman dyan. You are full of envy.

      Marvin provides employment to people, and Marvin helps the economy. I think his good intentions trump any of those perceptions about himself.

  1. The other half composed of certfied peppermints? Juice colored for choor tikiman to the max yang tatlong yan backstage!

      1. Hindi lang sex ang habol ng lahat ng mga bakla. Pero yang tatlong yan OO. obviously di mo sila kilala personally kaya shut up ka na lang dakilang faney!

    1. Nakasalubong ko to si Vic sa Ayala dati at 6am, naka-get up na si kuya aga aga pa, nagkatitigan lang kami, pero parang may nagbulong sa akin na di kami talo. Lol…

        1. Hey imbecile, you think this comment is funny? Gago ka! Don’t ever insinuate that I am using illegal substances! You don’t know me!

  2. Ay talaga. May bumuo na naman ng sexy male group. This is so early 2000s. Haha. Is this inspired of Magic Mike movie or a ripoff of Magic Men® Live! ??? Hmmm

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