67 thoughts on “Magical Sari Soars”

        1. Wala naman sa ganda yan. Ako na pinakamaganda di ko rin bet si Carls pero di ako agree na ibroadcast pa yun. Kung ayaw mo kasi sa tao di mo naman need ipagsigawan pa yun.

    1. Yeah! It does look like Marriot hotel. Pfftt! Have you ever been to a hotel? I highly suggest you book one.

    2. LOL vaklanggg twooooooo isa kang bakla ng milenyo. MARRIOTT ka dyan hahahaha Cabinet palang eh. PALAKA

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Pwedeng grow-er sya, not a shower. Malay natin, pag erect eh mahaba at mataba pala. Sherep nun. *imagines a 6-7 inches cock*

    1. Are you talking about that former Governor and now a District Representative from Camarines Sur who’s been a talk of the town being that gay lover? Sabagay, di maipagkakaila na paborito si Amir dahil kahit noon at hanggang ngayon, parati syang guests sa Kaogma Festival.


  2. Ever since 1990s he is a crush of mine. Since then i was hoping to see “more” of him. I fantacized about him a lot. Ngayon hindi na lang imagination .. grabe wow .. wow .. thanks much

  3. About time. Let’s all see him in his naked glory (and let him earn a few projects from it) before he gets really old, fat and unattractive

  4. A comment Not related to the photo;

    Last Tuesday/ 31 July, in a small city in western Mindanao, while hearing mass past 5pm, heard a commotion at the back where we are seated, saw 4 guys doing a video inside the church, nobody knows who they were, tagalog speaking, just using a celfon camera to take the video with a tripod, and this one tall guy, although slightly good looking, but having a dad-bod wearing tight blue jeans, seems flaunting his big butt & bulge & a long sleeves tucked in his pants, seems like covering the ongoing mass like a tv reporter, but no tv camera, no mic w/ the tv network’s or radio station’s label/logo, no lapel mic too, just the celfon cam w/ a tripod they are using,
    heard him say:
    “this is Dante Balboa reporting”.
    after the mass, they went outside the church, along the road, they put their tripod celfon cam amidst the traffic causing vehicles to stop because they are filming something, it lasted for about 8 minutes causing the traffic to jam & got the motorists irritated.

    Googled the name Dante Balboa, got photos of same looking semi-naked guy may be in his early 20’s mostly in his underwear or swimming trunks that looks like he’s a sexy movie actor of 20 years ago. No idea who he really was.

    In the photos, he seemed so manly & a he-man hunk, but the guy I saw looks effeminate.

    1. normal lang yan. ganun din naman si Bebe Ganang hari at Toffee Calma non. manly sa pictures at sa harap ng camera pero pag off cam hitad na hitad. at madami ding mga artista ngayon ang ganyan tuald ni Alden Derrick Monasterio Piolo at madami pa

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        Point is, that guy is disturbing the solemnity of the mass, causing traffic jam;
        I’d say he’s just papansin,
        Well, that time he sure got everyone’s attention, but are mostly irked by him;
        Everybody’s asking who he was?
        And if he’s covering a news or filming a documentary show or for personal purposes.
        Found out twas only a screen name, why not using his real name instead?

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