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How about some Asian this time in the Bulge Corner? I got this one from the mail, from a reader in China or thereabouts. The sexy Asian is a catalog model for the Bench Body line abroad. While we may be in awe at the sheer size  and shape of the hunky guy’s bod, that penis-hugging underwear sure validates the old dictum, “you can’t freakin’ have everything.”

rodneyThis is not a nude photo, but what the heck, it’s professional basketball player Rodney Brondial, the one who looks like Matt Evans! I just noticed he got smoother and bigger. And handsomer, too! Isn’t he in that beer commercial? Makes me think, it was just a few years ago when he was just a lanky, pimply player for the Adamson Falcons, sometimes plying his trade… and that would have to be another story for another day.

FullSizeRenderI know, I know…it’s him again! But this one’s from the mail with a heading “Zeus Collins Raw.” Now, I’m not really a fan of raw, basic and bareback, but I’m guessing the generous reader who emailed me this outtake from the shoot meant good. Really fat and juicy good.

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  1. Malay natin, “grower” pala si Intsik.
    Pero kung maliit talaga, magpabottom na lang siya.
    Masarap pa rin naman ang katawan niya 😉

  2. baka naman kase ndi nila kinaugalian na patigasin ang bird nila ndi tulad dito bago mag photo shoot eh kulang na lang sumirit na ang **mod sa kakasalsal ng mga modelo. lol.

  3. Mga Pinoys kasi mga size queens kaya mga male models dito sa atin pinapatigas muna ang mga kargada nila or naglalagay ng padding para sa mga underwear photo shoots or shows.
    Bench fashion show is proof of that.

  4. How do i get access to bookings? I cant figure it out. I see a lot of comments and it makes me wonder if they are real or not.

  5. Rodney never nagpabook kahit vp days niya di gaya ni olalia at cabrera. Pero rodney may amoy sa underarms. Sibuyas nga tawag ng mga kakampi niya dati. Hehe

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