28 thoughts on “Man Friday”

  1. so, what’s next for victor? well he should wear a very sexy vpl bikini or maybe a thong will do but anyway, the guy is cute and gwapo he could easily give me a hard on.

    1. Baks berry wrong ka si Enchang yun! Ang nakakapagtaka lang sino yung guy na nakahalikan niya, perhaps the high-end gays here on RD may shed some light on this! LOL LOL

      1. Chisms this but di ba si Enchong yun and that very artistic entrepreneur leroy new? Well, my bosses are high-end peru indi ako.

  2. Hello.. This is vincent.. If u want to date male artists and models, players and more just txt or call me at 09172487644.. Legit clients only.. Thanks..!!!

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