Man Meat

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Markki Strøm was, of course, a revelation last night. The formerly wholesome singer and actor has now been reduced to a shameless hunk of man meat.  With an immaculate body – super arms that are built to the right proportion, a midsection that ripples in every direction, and strong legs that are well defined, how could our little Markki go wrong?

52 thoughts on “Man Meat”

    1. Right. With these pictures, hindi ako magugulat kung bigla shang kumanta ng “On My Own”, at talunin si Jed Madella.

  1. totoo nga na certified supot si markki, look at the first photo, akala ko biro lang na hindi ito tuli, real para, pero it look average size naman pala, but nice marrki , maganda paglaruan ang may balat

    1. Sinadya ni RD na available for limited time lang ata yung post dahil uber controversial. Suwerte ng mga nakabasa. Uber juicy nung chikka 😉

      Magandang gimik yang mga disappearing posts rd para mapilitan ang mga beki magcheck ng site mo multiple times per day. More views for you davah.

  2. That’s his hand. Don’t get too excited. Pero sana may butt shots. I saw him up close last night I want to rim this guy’s butt.

  3. RD!!!! The best ka talaga. Pics of AVO please! And, I may be going against the grain here, pero Enzo Pineda was hot last night! I would suck him dry while he’s fucking my ass with those nunchucks.

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