It has been a long while since we featured a chunky hunk of a man. Model and athlete Luke Zetazate fills in our lurid fantasies today of a beautiful dude with an amazing physique and as we look down on the crotch, we see the shadow of a cock heavy with need and oozing with man-juice. Heck, we can smell the testosterone from here.

35 thoughts on “Manhood”

  1. My gahd Luke!!!
    Nakasabay ko to sa jeep after their show sa MOA Arena. I was shocked na nagcocommute sya. I took the next ride with him then tumabe ako next to him. Sa laki nya he need to bend down or slouch a little bit. His armpit was just exactly on my shoulders and I can feel his sweat. Ang bango nya. He took his nap and enjoyed my ride with him on my side. Shet!

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