Marco Redux

This is the cant-get-enough post about Mr. Gumabao. I know it’s barely (get it? bare! hah!) a month since the last feature of our favoritest model but what the heck, here’s another image from one of his vids. He knows he’s stunning that way, chiseled to perfection, and we can always encourage him to drop trou and abuse his noodle again.

47 thoughts on “Marco Redux”

  1. Marco is reigning the BENCH empire the way it looks like, at alam narin natin cguro kung sino ang On-Call BoyToy for the year in Mama Ben Chan, ang apple of the eye at man whore niya, Ang VERSA all for FAME & FORTUNE na c MG

    1. What kind of conspiracy theory is this? The majority of Pinoys have dark nips unless he has some Caucasian ancestry.

  2. Yung post mo na latest kay Marco mamang RD, ngayon lang na post sa Bench IG hahaha nauna ka pa sa may ari ha!!!

    1. “daw” – unsubstantiated rumors/heresay.

      In other words, pinaniniwalaan niyo kase frustrated kayo na ayaw ka niya patulan.

  3. Bilis maka umay teh. Lalu na sa pic na yan na super emphasize ang no neck monster. Pero para sa ikajapanatag ng iyung loob, Oo na hot na sya. Next.

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