Marx and Luke

Cute and sexy models and athletes, but each one’s totally different from the other. Marx Topacio [left] is a baller while Luke Landrigan is a surfer. Marx is skin head while Luke has wavy hair. While Marx has made modeling his bread-and-butter for now, Luke is a full-time surfer and instructor at a surf school in La Union when modeling offers are not in the way. Both are hot of course. So, who do you like best?

19 thoughts on “Marx and Luke”

  1. I personally like both of them, pero guy with long hair looks twinky, pero pwede ng pagtyagaan titi is titi right kisihudang girly syang tingnan.

  2. i like luke, nasilipan ko na dati sa la union ito mdakota nga! sarap na sobrang ma appeal lalo na in person

  3. that is called king’s cut the line that runs from the waist down to the pubic area, it separates your external oblique muscles from your quadriceps. to achieve that you need to work your abs (sides and middle) and lot’s of diet and cardio to achieve a low body fat percentage.

  4. ang haba ng daliri ni marx! abot yan hanggang sinapupunan ko!!!

    hay naku dapat hinads ko na toh dati nung hindi pa sikat. for sure ngayon hindi na toh papayag ng barya barya lang.

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