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Alex Diaz is on a roll! Ever since he came out, the projects have been coming (no pun)! He’s slated to appear in the iWant series Oh Mando, which is a boys love series with Kokoy de Santos. Will we see more skin in the series?

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  1. Daks talaga sya.nasilip ko na nagbabate sya sa room nya habang nanonood sa phone nya ng mga sexy pictures nga mga lalake…

    1. Teh, according to Thailand and Japan BL creators, BL series are different from Gay Series. In BL, the story usually revolves around two “straight guys” and have lesser “sexual” content. I wonder why they are bashing Aki Torres now for the same & exact definition of BL.

  2. Happy for him! Glad he was able to come out, albeit not in the way he wanted but at least he’s able to date or like the gender he prefers now.

    1. mataba and parang embutido. pink ang ulo. punong puno… mabango singit pati kili-kili kahit pawis na.
      the best part? ang sarap humalik…

  3. alex diaz is getting hotter as time goes by..
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