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NeilOur favorite police officer Mariano Flormata, Jr. is now in Seoul to compete in the Mister International pageant.  Of course, he has a huge chance of getting the title, whatever that will mean to the Filipino people. As for me, it would mean more images of the sexy guy in speedos and tiny undergarments! I can’t wait!

AdamDavies AdamDavies2While no one was looking late last year, Mariano’s cute runner-up in the Mister Philippines pageant, Adam Davies went to the Dominican Republic to compete in the Mister Model International 2014. Yes, bulges and cream! Our bet didn’t get left behind as he brought with him the goods! He ended up 3rd runner-up or something, and I guess that is a good thing.

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  1. Sarap pagbatehan nung Adam tas iputok sa pwet at mukha nya yung tamod kaso mas di ko kinaya yung paang mukhang luya sarap ihalo sa nilagang baka lol!!!

  2. astig. satrap dilaan. hanep katawan AH.
    makidnap nga yan at ipadala dito sa MAGUINDANAO.

    dun pa din ako sa mga POLICE. satrap kc nila
    e bottom. makikinis parang puke lang.
    pagkatapos di bottom at pagbabarilin na.

  3. wow, ang yummy pala ni adam!!!! I LOVE HIS BULGE. He is HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!!!!!!!
    RD, post more of adam please…kay neil kasi nakasentro ang mga publicity photos e mas daring pala etong si adam, as in bukol kung bukol talaga…

    i love him na, promise.

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