New Bench Campaign

I think Bench is the new Visa. You know, ‘you can’t leave home without it.’ And ‘it’s everywhere you want to be.’ You see, the billboards are all over the metro again. Bench, that ubiquitous company with giant signs and posters all over the city [by the way, they opened shop recently at Westfield, Eaglerock, CA], has newly put up its new underwear posters in major streets in Metro Manila. This I presume is in lieu of their summer campaign, OJ Summer [as summer is about to end]. Model above is reader J.’s favorite patsy and whipping boy, Jonathan “Jon” Mullally.

One thought on “New Bench Campaign”

  1. I get all my info from regarding Jon Mullaly from my reliable diet/gym supplements dealer in “somewhere in Makati”. 🙂 Jon is as Pinoy as anyone in that particular mall where I get my fat-burners, et al!

    I still haven’t seen Chris “Samson” Nepomuceno at the gym!

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