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New Breed

archie09 Remember that new model with thatĀ 70s bush, Archie Severino? Well, he’s into runway modelling and stuff now but he shaved it! Spick and span! Ā I prefer men with thick body hair, if you ask me. AbleĀ bodied boys with completely untrimmed bushy pubes or thick bushy armpits, thickly haired arses and legs or men so hairy that even trimmed they still look furry. How about you?

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  1. ayyy! ba’t siya nagshave sa may tyan at dibdib? alam ko makapal bulbol nya sa mga parte na yan. nawalan tuloy siya ng appeal at nagiging one of those ordinary bikini boys! hala patuboin mo ulit archie!

    1. Kasal! Dennis trillo in janitor, elmo and kit in #y, martin del rosario in dagitab, jake vargas in asintado

  2. Masarap pagjakulan.

    Ako rin bet ko yung makapal na bulbol pati buhok sa kilikili – basta di maamoy na nakasusulasok.

  3. Mas lalaking lalaki at nakakaerbog talaga ang maraming buhok. Kapag todo shave ang mhin nawawalan ng appeal. Gurly ang mashadong makinis noh.

    1. racist much?


      so many nasty people commenting here. but this statement is unacceptable especially if you’re educated, well-travelled & cosmopolitan.

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