Next Sensation

Brazilian model Daniel Kenji Matsunaga has been dubbed as “The Next Sensation” by fashion industry observers. The 23-year-old model who has been here for five months now, after touring [working, actually] around Asia, has already landed major projects for TVCs, print ads and appearances on tv and the fashion runways. He says that he is working to help his family back home in Brazil. He is now trying to learn Filipino as he wants to enter showbiz as an actor.

29 thoughts on “Next Sensation”

  1. This guy is so cute and yummy in person. So tall, too! Boy-next-door pa ang hitsura. An angel with a devil’s body. What more can you ask for?

  2. Naka contrata yata sya sa isang direct selling na brand kaya hindi pa sya pwede for Folded and Hung or Bench.

  3. everyone knows his num sa modeling world isa to sa mga kasama ni hideo, aki, suzuki, pire na hi paid pa book.

  4. Guys don’t put your fantasy over Daniel Matsunaga because he is not for hire! Danial cam from a well known family in Brazil. He’s with her sister (Vaness Matsunaga) a very well known model too. They keep on modeling and endorsing for different variety of brands all over the world (all expenses paid). Now don’t dare to ask how much is the booking price of Daniel because you’ll just making yourself stupid.

    If you want to see some really daring picture like (Daniel holding his dick inside his brief or Daniel’s Buldge just spell GOOGLE IMAGE).

  5. long time crush ko na toh, di pa sha kilala ditey sinusubaybayan ko na ang karir niya. pero when I met him in person major turn-off aketch. somehow, amoy malansa.

  6. This guy always smile. Nakakatawa minsan magsalita si Kasmir sa Grazilda. Though understandable naman kasi iba lahi niya. Trilingual ang lolo mo (English, Filipino & Portuguese).

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