Not Has-Beens

It ain’t over till the boys hang up their tattered undies. Ian Porlayagan (left) was last seen consorting with an infamous conman after his Mister Philippines stint in 2007. He’s back modeling skivvies and he still has it IMHO. John Spainhour, on the other hand, was a long-time Bench Body model until he declared “Change is Good” for Avon. Do you like daddies?

28 thoughts on “Not Has-Beens”

  1. Yes to Mr. Spainhour. Ewan ko lang diyan sa ex fubu ni RP butas butas ang mukha pero model raw. <3 <3 <3 PRAK!

    1. Or, dahil ay sa “floral-ethnic/tribal” design ng Avon? It does look aging… “Not The Good. Change is Usual”. πŸ™

      Well, at least “grandpa briefs” will take on new meaning.

  2. Past muna ako sa rich hunks kasi paubos na sap ko.πŸ‘΄ Hirap na din ako makahanap ng mga rugby boys sa daan dahil ecq. πŸ’”

    1. Kaya nga magkulong ka sa barong barong mo, dagdag pa yang pagmumukha mo sa problema ng bansa! <3 <3 <3 PRAK!

    2. Kita mo? Sa hirap ng buhay, even rugby players have taken to the street… That’s what you were implying, right?

    1. Grabe naman, Baka nmam Pwede lagyan ng Iba face while doing it with him Di ba, Mukha naman okay ang katawan nya Di ba…..

  3. Grabe mga bakla ditey, guapo pa rin naman si Ian syempre kahit papano kahit wala na sa *Prime niya, bad angle lang…

    naalala ko pa back in β€˜07 gaano siya kasarap hihihi super tisoy cutie na game na game πŸ’β€β™€οΈπŸ’β€β™€οΈ

  4. tito Rd, feature please si Jong Hilario. Gusto ko poh siya, papa pak ako sa kanya. Malaki at mataba.

    1. Bakla bawal punuin ng mga mukhang kokey site ni RD, tama na si Vin. Humarap ka na lang sa mirror.

    2. Agree Kyla! Jong Hilario…putang ina ang hitsura nya! As in putang ina in a delicious and satisfying way!

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