Object of Affection

Don’t you just love Bench/Body briefs for the flimsy, cheap ass fabrics that they use? Models get to wear them and show off some bulges and well, the shapes of their penises. Like David Licauco here, who’s getting used to this sexy teasing, he’s churning out some good photos lately. Keep ’em cumming, David!

58 thoughts on “Object of Affection”

  1. This guy’s way too good at teasing. Alam na alam niya what turns us on.

    Then again, very close raw sila ni Derek M. lately so I guess may input from the community.

  2. david reminds me of a chinese-spanish mestizo guy i encountered at the old capitol theatre in escolta back in the late 80’s. he had a large pinkish to redish cock. i bet david has same dick color. i lust for you david!

  3. Remember a guy i met who looked like david, he was so gorgeous and very good in bed, sayang one night stand lng kami …

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