Hot Men in the Philippines

Oh Paul!

He doesn’t have any of those wank vids (his dad has one, though), but Paul Andre Salas finally snagged a Bench Body endorsement, and he’s rockin’ it! The 21-year-old bit player on tv hopes to up his showbiz cred by baring his bod. Is he hot enough?

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  1. Oh ehm… Nasaan ang bulge? Bat puhrang wala? But nevermind, keri lang naman po siya, not really my type anyway. Sorry po.

    1. Oh ehm… Nasaan ang bulge? Bat puhrang wala? Ay nevermind kase lumipat pala dito sa mala higanteng mansanas na ilong ko. Huhuhu

  2. To me, this photo doesn’t look like it is taken professionally, very “amateur-ish” of sort, the photographer is not giving any justice to this boy.

    1. Huh adik k bakla?nkita mo n b c paul in person anong short sa 5’10 na height.halatang kumukuda k ng d mo alam cnasabi mo hahaha.mag research k muna bakla bago k mag comment kc ngmumukha kng tanga.

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