Hot Men in the Philippines

Oil Kink Maze

Milk Oak Zine

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    1. NGEEK. U FOUND IT BIG ALREADY? not me. thats only small for my mouth and my ass. meged. u r so tight. me? im so untight. it can accept everything and evrybody inside! u? cannot!

      1. First off, you commented on the wrong post! This post didn’t say anything “BIG”. Secondly, I’m confused with your bad grammar ­čśŤ

  1. sabi ko na malaki ang ano nitong si Kim Kaizen Lo

    proof na di lahat ng chinese eh maliit at sunog ang kikiam… nga lang matangkad and basketball player naman kasi ito

    1. Wala kang pambayad. Nakiki wifi ka lang! Tapos titikim ka ng titi ng isang pa book, gago ka ha! Ang laswa mo, hayok!

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