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DanielVFor the pièce de résistance, the Daniel Velasco pits shot! This will be the somewhat-last post before we take a break from photos of this cute boy in briefs. Although we – I’m speaking for all of us here, of course, including you, the bitter lurker – can never get enough of Daniel in underwear, I feel that we have to move on to other boys in their sexy bits. Happy Hump Day!

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  1. ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE! He is is superbly gorgeous – kahit araw-arawin mo si Daniel Velasco, mas OKAY! Salamat RD!

  2. i can never get enough of danny boy, he will always be one of my dream boytoy. i always dream his cock inside my mouth. oh danny boy pls fuck me now.

    1. Keep dreamin’, Baklush! hat’s about as close as you’ll ever get to Daniel.

      He’ll definitely kick you in the face and yell, “FUCK OFF, BAKLUSH!”


    1. VelascoS!!! Stupid mo Andres aka Tony aka Gardo!



  3. Pa swnd naman nglahat ng Underwear Pictures ni Daniel Velasco sa Email ko RD yung clear at HDPleaseeeee thankieee

  4. syet! kili-kili pa lang ulam na! hahahah dedma na kung malaki or maliit un nota! sarap! dyakol na sa umaga! ahaha

    1. maka nexxxxttttttt wagas! teh hindi ka kagandahan! mag walis ka na nga ng pinagupitan ng buhok sa parlor! chaka kan! hahahahah pwe!

  5. Kapag wala na akong STD pag iipunan ko talaga ito kahit magwalis pa ako ng buhok ng 24hrs sa parlor na ito.

  6. Shocks!!! Sobrang hot! Sana ako nalang si Kelsey, hot ng boyfriend at career…. More of him please Rd

  7. galing mo nga RD. can’t find this sa uploaded pics ng photog. saan mo nakuha?

    yung iba pang shots please? more bakat!

  8. Hindi ko to nakita kasama nung ibang pics. RD link naman pleaseeee. Daniel is my ultimate crush kasi…

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