70 thoughts on “Once you go black..”

    1. anong kahit na negrito? gaga alam mo ba kung ano ang negrito? Bakla na nga mangmang pa. jusko…. Baklang squatter..

    2. This is one of those days I will NOT tolerate racism. Hot siya. Period. With no qualifiers (i.e. “in fairness,” or “kahit na negrito”). Making patong the qualifier(s) means you don’t find or expect men with darker skin to be attractive. Which makes YOU an ignorant racist. It’s like saying “In fairness hot siya kahit Pinoy” …. which is just …. nope. There’s so much racism & homophobia & ageist commentators on this board & the internet in general. What an ugly & hateful & horrible world we live in. So today, I’m making a stand against racism. This can’t be the world we have. We can be better than this.

        1. Nope, I didn’t miss it, although I see where you’re coming from & why some people might have problems with that title. However, I take the position from a Danielle Cadet opinion piece on huffingtonpost.com that while the phrase (i.e. once you go black, you can’t go back) has roots in the blaxploitation era, it has, as she writes, “evolved into an empowering statement that represents a prideful celebration of how wonderful African Americans really are” (https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5198599). There’s more in the link, if you’re interested.

      1. wag kang hipokrita. its a fact mukha talagang durty pag majutim. di to about racism teh kundi about physical attraction.

        1. Sumasangayon ako sayo kahit papaano. Wala talaga ako atraksyon sa mga itim, kahit na gwapo pa talaga o malaki pa. Hindi talaga.

        2. isa pang mangmang na baklita…hindi lahat ng maitim marumi, so when you say lahat ng maitim mukhang marumi, you are generalizing for their whole ethnic/race group, and that BITCH is racism…fact fact ka pang nalalaman, well fact you! opinion ang tawag dun boba

    3. Did you know your ancestors were “negritos” or the aetas? Kaya mandiri ka rin sa sarili mo! You racist bigot!

    4. Our native “aeta’s” are the genuine filipino and first settlers in this archipelago….. Black in Europe continent is highly in demand baks just in case you’re not aware!

      1. Ay beks nakapunta ka na ba ng Europe? dito ako sa Brussels nagwowork. And I frequently visit all other countries in the EU. I don’t discriminate against them pero for you to say na highly in demand ang mga blacks ay isang malaking JOKE.

      2. Oh ano na mema commenter? Huwag kasing puro alter vids sa Twitter inaatupag. Research research din. Tayo mismo ang chumuchurvaley sa kasarinlan natin luh. Kaya kudos to my fierce and smarty sisterettes!

    1. shutangina baks, mali-mali na nga spelling mo, pati grammar mo basag na basag din! Buti marunong ka mag internet? Jusko!

  1. Prettybabe231:: Ayaw rin nila sa stupid like you. Mag-Tagalog ka kaya kaysa pilit na pilit mong English na tadtad ng mali.

  2. Tayong mga Pinoy pag sinabihan tayo ng di maganda sa ibang bansa, abot-langit ang protesta na kesyo racist, etc! Pero tayo mismo ang pinaka numero unong racist at bigots! Hay naku!

  3. Saan restaurant ba sya nagtratrabaho? Doon sa isang post nya nakalagay tahahiwa ng hamon. Taga saan ba sya?

  4. Going back to topic, if I will objectify his body, me kapintasan lang sa ‘chicken legs’ nya which is skinny compared to his well developed torso.

    1. Typical sa race nila yan….big chested, small waist, nice bubble butt, big dick but skinny legs. Can’t have everything.

  5. He’s very hot! Thank you for this photo RD, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I wish more black people will come and model in the Phlippines. I had several encounters with them (sexual) when I was vacationing in the US, African-American, Braziians or Black Latin. I have this thing with black people. Mababait naman sila and very passionate. Pagdating sa bed gagawin ka nilang babae!! Hahaha!! The fact that they’re generally well-endowed helps you fulfill your fantasy. They are ready for it.

  6. Baloney… Just because they hire black people with big dick in porn industry not necessarily means they’re all big… BS… Lol….

    1. You are correct. The perception that they are all hung is not true, but the majority are. Ditto with Caucasians and Latins. It’s the opposite of Pinoys, not all are reggie but the majority are.

  7. Buti na lang hindi sya pure black kaya hot sha. Ang pure black mukhang unggoy o gorilla. bestiality ang peg.

      1. Totoo naman besh. Kahit nga google at facebook pag may negro nilalabel na monkey o gorilla. Nagsasabi lang ng totoo noh.

      2. Maraming ganyan dito akala mo eh kagagaling mga impertinente naman ang pag iisip, kulang na kulang Ang inabot!

  8. Yun mga baklang nagsasabi dyan ng “i love black guys”, etc., nakikitrend lang talaga kayo, in a way, sa speech ni oprah sa golden globes kagabi. Na realize nyo ba na kasali rin tayo sa mga gumagawa ng sexual assault sa mga kalalakihan naman, aminin nyo man o hindi! #notohypocrites

      1. No, not really. Before I fancy white men, but as timwle passes by, I am more into a black one. I think, they are more appealing to me, moreso, sexually attractive. Can you refer one?

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