Hot Men in the Philippines


The theme for today is unique names and brown underwear. The one on the left is Dart Kamboozia, ex-Body Shots 2008 contestant and now Masculados Dos member. The 22-year-old and 6’1″-tall hunk also appeared as one of the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s hot bachelors for 2009. The other guy on the right is Laxzy Rem Villar, who now lists himself as Laxie Villar. He was one of the contestants in last summer’s Century Tuna Superbods. The 22-year-old and 6’1″-tall cutie was also a Cosmo bachelor and a Bench underwear show model.
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  1. Magkano naman ang damag sa kanila? Im sure pahadz ang mga yan, mukha naman napulot sa tabi tabi. Pero cute ha baka mahal ng konti.

  2. Si Laxzy ka eskwela ko yan. Di pa ganyan kaganda katawan noon, patpatin pa pero pansinin na yung kagwuapuhan. Straight sya, madaming chicks. Di ko akalain magbibikini sya sa stage kasi suplado sya at machong macho.

  3. Both are atractive & tall. If I have to make a choice (based on this pic alone) I would go with Laxie Villar.
    Mas yumy si Laxie! Look at that body and the bulge!

  4. I love Dart’s look, pinoy to the max. Ganito ang gusto kung bilhing lalaki pag uwi ko dyan sa pinas very exotic ang dating. Mas nakaka elya si Dart.

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