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Only For Fans: Josh Barfuss

Quarantine and the boys are bored. They’re dancing in undies for public consumption. We’re not complaining, though. Give us more, Josh Barfuss!

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      1. RD please lang. We know that you screen comments before actually posting them but if you were able to prevent that jologs PRAK and Rapbeh and others of their ilk from getting their comments posted, siguro naman etong si Lande pwede mo din ipagbawal na.

        1. I don’t see lande posting anything degrading here. Ikaw lang naman nagiisang affected dito. Majority finds lande annoying, yet harmless. Ikaw tong vile at demanding dito! Go away! Masyado kang nega!

          1. That’s because YOU’RE LANDE pretending to be one of ITS sycophants.

            RD, if you really are allowing people to comment then why is it this Lande thing is the only one who seems to be commenting with its ANNOYING “puhrung”? How come you’re not allowing any of ITS enemies comments against IT?

            I’m not ITS basher and I AM GLAD YOU GOT RID OF ALL THE WEIRDOS but this Lande thing seems to be your favourite. In truth there are A LOT of us who do find IT annoying. IT’s also pretending to be one of ITS enemies like that jologs who kept saying PRAK.

            Seriously, RD?! You’re allowing such filth to post such anoying comments? You don’t see us complaining about MORE REFINED individuals like KURYUS, ALINDOG etc…

            1. Huwaw teh! Di ka pa basher sa lagay na yan? Haha. Puhrang you have all your anger directed towards me na poh. Why po ba? Cause Im young? Rich? Fresh? Puhretty? Love ng MGA boys? Pehroh ikaw poh exact opposite ko? Well, Im just innocently posting my admiration po para sa posts ni momsh RD, pehroh ikaw po super duper mega affected na! Besides, problema mo na yan if naiinggit ka sa akin becoz peeps here caught up with my catch phrases like puhrang. Can you blame me po ba if Im such an influencer here? If Im a trendsetter? Masisisi mo po ba ko if people like me? Ako lang po to, your friendly neighborhood Lande!

            2. Yeah right, believe what you wanna believe, nobody else here cares except you! Im sure lande is celebrating somewhere out there in the slums of manila, why? Cause you are giving him exactly what he wants, freaking attention! Go ahead, feed the troll and continue being trolled! You think lande is lower than you but in reality, he is way above you! Haha, as much as I dont want to give him credit but he does play you perfectly. Good job lande!

              1. Yeah right LANDE pretending to be one of ITS fans! Keep up with the delusions of grandeur.

                Seriously, RD??? You aren’t willing to block this annoying person’s comments from being posted? You’re playing favorites kase though salamat na you’re preventing the others we’ve mentioned from ever getting their comments posted, yung mga umaatake dito sa Lande nato pansin namin wala na. Maybe you’re blocking the wrong people when it should be this person.

              2. There you have it RD. This “supporter-who-happens-to-Lande” has designated IT as being a TROLL.

                Let’s keep your site TROLL-FREE by removing that FILTH like you did all the others.

    1. the shade marsie!!! really ba spluk mo pa more kaloka din kasi sya we’re supposed to work for him pero nagcancel last minute si koyah imbyerns much kasi paalis na kami papunta sa unit nya before sa Gramercy grr pero ang nagbabayad naman yung benefactor nya na owner ng isang talent agency charing!

  1. Bargain rate na mga boys ngayon dahil sa lockdown. Half price .. pambili ng bigas..Kaya ayan pili na ng burat for sale..

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