Hot Men in the Philippines


Oh these celebrity underwear models! They are getting hotter each day. Take for instance Gaz Holgate, the hunky 24-year-old PRFU rugby player, who currently plays for the Japanese club Kyuden Voltex. He appears yet again in one of the Bench Body ads, bulges and all. Happy Hump Day!
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  1. eto yung pinagjakulan ko na rin dati. pero mas nakakalibog ang pic na to. hulmang hulma ang pagkalalaki nito. dyuskopo, natutukso na naman akong magjakol pero may tao pa dito sa kwarto ko hahahaha

  2. ” Anonymous said…
    myrna where n u teh….dali at asarin mo ulit ang mga haters mo.

    Wednesday, 18 July, 2012″


    Nahuli siya ng amo niya na puro internet lang inaatupag. Nakita din cya sa cctv sa parlor na nangungupit ng pera panggastos para sa internet. Wahahahahahahaha

  3. Oh wow, ngayon ko lang nakita pic na to ni Gaz, one of my biggest crushes! Meron na ba neto sa Bench site? Galing mo naman RD!

  4. Ohhhhhhh my GAZZZZZZZZ…….I would suck his cock to completion….& eat his cum up to the very last drop:)

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