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Today, we’re having lots of John. Excuse me if I indulge too much on this chunk of a man. It’s because he is the most ubiquitous underwear model this side of town. His body of work [no pun] is huge! He has practically worn every type of undercrackers in town!


Like this one, which is one of my favorites.


Or this VPL shot, he doesn’t care. He is so pro!


Of course, this one’s hot! An outdoor shot in lush greens and deep blues and bulging briefs.

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54 thoughts on “Plentiful

  1. Even though I don’t normally go for his type, I completely understand why the rest go gaga over him. He exhudes a kind of sex appeal – like a hunky cub you want to keeep as a sex slave. I have to admit – I may go for younger chinito men but watching John Spainhour makes most groins ache, mine included.

    • same tayo ng sentiments te ahaha, its like parang kang vegatarian tapos may biglang mag offer na irresistible na meat dish.

  2. This type of body will definetly catch everyone eyes. To achieve his body type and a bulge that would make men and women eyes rolled because of hotness. I wish i can have that too.

  3. he is my ultimate fantasy now…even kris guested him, and lusting after him, based on her body language. panay OMG ang sinasambit ng landing kris…

  4. Tangina ang sarap nung last pic. Sarap himurin ng kilikili at nakabukaka pa! Taena jakol jakol na naman ako. Ahhhhhhh..

    • Nako makapagpatayo na nga rin ng modeling agency para sagana sa mga natitikmang boys! Tingnan nyo ang lola jonas gaffud at lola john brillantes nyo kahit mga mukhang shokoy daming de kalidad na titi ang natitikman!

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