40 thoughts on “Pool side model”

  1. hideo makes me drool and he always give me an instant hard on whenever i see him, hideo is one hot cock and definitely non stop jakol to the maxx!

  2. I like Hideo! He’s so HOT! kahit na maraming nagsisipag-sulputang Brazilian model sa Pinas, he’s always be my Number#1. Thanks Sir RD for this posting.

  3. ano kaya pakiramdam na nakapasok sa kipay ko ang maiinit init nyang kargada. tapos ilalabas pasok nya hanggang putukan nya ako. shit. ang sarap naman.

  4. walang kiyeme daw sa paghuhubad tong si Hideo all the way kung all the way keber kahit daming beki sa paligid! swerte ng mga beking make up artists at fashion designers na nakakatrabaho niya!

  5. He lives there in Bellagio. I know right, kaya dream on di niyo siya maaafford! I doubt he needs gay benefactors he has a lot of business right now, his TF is always six digits….i know because I’m one of the guys in the Advertising Industry, I got him on some of our ads. This guy is genuinely nice kaya I kinda feel bad pag may nangbabastos sa kanya.

    He is not gonna stoop down on your level cheaptards…..

    1. Teh, check check ng grammar pag may time… Stoop down TO your level… He has a lot of businessES… I got him FOR some of our ads…

      Advertising practitioner ka kamo? Seriously? Eh simple grammar na nga lang sablay ka na. Meron ka pang nalalamang cheaptard diyan. Malditang poseur! Tse!

    2. He lives there in bellagio??? Hey no need to put the word there… It’s understood that doesn’t affect the thought even you remove that… Kaloka ka teh maliit ang ambisyosa na isat kalahating feelingera

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