Rafael Rosell to host new reality show for celebs

Rafael Quimpo Rosell IV, the 25-year-old actor and Bench underwear model who was born and raised in Norway [to Filipino parents], will be the new host of the reality show Hollywood Dreams, now renamed as American Dream. The show, which aims to send one Filipino celeb to Hollywood with his/her own SAG card, will also be seen now in GMA 7’s sister station – QTV 11. Despite being identified with a rival network [ABS-CBN] where he also plays a major role in a fanta-series called Rounin, Rafael was allowed by his home studio to host the new edition of the reality show [he is an alum from the first season] in a rival network.

3 thoughts on “Rafael Rosell to host new reality show for celebs”

  1. Really!?!?!
    Wow! I love Rafael Rosell!
    To be honest, i think, or I KNOW he has what it takes to go out there and make a big break!
    He got the talent, personality AND deffinately the looks to present the pinoy abroad! i hope he’ll be given that chance some time:)

    When is this coming out?
    Is it true that abscbn actually allowed him to do it for the rival? hmmm… doubtfull…

    -Rafael Fan

  2. i used to love rafael rosell until my ex dropped a bomb! he had sex w/ him almost 5 years ago when he was just starting in the phil. showbusiness. hayyy. wild daw siya sa kama and he doesn’t have a big dick

  3. i used to love rfael rossel until my ex dropped a boms. he had sex almost 5 years ago when rafale’s just started in the phil. showbiz. wild da sa kama yan

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