Raph Almeda for summer

Twenty-one year-old Raph Almeda is a part-time model recently seen at the Mr. & Ms. Sexy Bodies 2008 contest. Although he did not win the top plum, Raph Almeda is undaunted as he is gearing up for the summer bikini contests this year. The 5’1o.5″-tall chinito hunk, this early, is displaying a big potential in the modeling circuit.

5 thoughts on “Raph Almeda for summer”

  1. ralph is such a dishy, chinito boy-next-door hunk – the type i would like to have on my bed this summer! definitely sexier than dingdong and other overrated actors! hmmm..i should find time to see these bikini contests again…but where do i find him? (sigh)

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