53 thoughts on “Raunchy Tony”

    1. May upcoming gay movie si Tony at Christian Vasquez. Christian Vasquez will play Tony’s stepdad. Christian will seduce Tony para makuha mana nya.

      1. Sana next time maging leading man din ni Tony sa r18 movie nya Yung ibang daddies like Wendell Ramos,Allen Dizon,Jestoni Alarcon,Tonton Gutierrez,Zoren Legaspi at Carlos Morales. Exciting yun.

  1. At this day and age, does it still matter kung ano ang sexual orientation o preference ng isang tao for him to be attractive and desirable?

  2. At least Tony refuses to have a fake girlfriend or “beard”. It’s not much, but things will get better, and we will fight for our man, Tony! Keep strong, we love you, ignore your lonely virgin haters

  3. Kahit anong sabihin Nyo , basta sya bading kauri, kalahi, kafatid, kafederasyon, yung Lang yun confirmed… ganooon….

  4. Lakas siguro backer nya sa Abs. Imagine, kasama pa sya sa MMFF movie ni Vice and Anne na most likely topgrosser. I thought for sure the airport incident is the end of his career. And proud NGSB? Couldn’t it be more obvious why. Charot😜

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