Hot Men in the Philippines



This is the then-and-now, before-and-after feature. Today we’re having a serving of cute lad Erie Obsena, who once dared to enter show  business via the sexy easy way. The 6’3″-tall cutie from Olongapo City was a part of the now-defunct sing-bump-and-grind group The Cappuccinos [left photo, promo pic for the group]. Now [right photo], he’s older and wiser and on the right path as an up-and-coming runway and commercial model.

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  1. I just wish the bulge were bigger though. But still, I think I’ll concentrate on his hole. Cutie like this needs a good, rough, merciless pounding! haha.

  2. RD parang mali. Si Kevin Redder yung nasa right picture eh, mercator model siya if I’m not mistaken. Or kamukha lang haha,

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