Male models are a dime a dozen these days, but once in a while someone like Clint Karklins comes along to elevate the profession to considerable heights. While his physical assets are in plain view here, what you may not know is that he is a professional nurse on his way to a medical degree. A pretty mug with a perfectly-sculpted body, and he’s got the brains to back it all up, what more can we ask for?

54 thoughts on “Red-Hot”

  1. Gwapo neto. Siya yung wish mong majzupa sa college or professor na gusto mong kangkangin after ng class sa classroom. Aahhhhh!!! Eeeeehhh!!! Ihhhhhhh!!! Uuuuhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh!! Ahhhh kangkangin mo ako clint!! Lick my clitt clint!!! Ajhhh uhhhhh ooohhhh!!! Ilabass mo na, ilabas mo na ang cheez whiz at mais!! Uhhhhh ahhhhh !!!!

  2. Sya pala yung fineature mo Madam RD na “Clint Stint”. My goodness! Isa ito sa mga crush ko sa Cosmo 69 last year’s issue. Ang sarap ng nipples nya sobra!

  3. ang linis linis at ang bango bango nya tingnan…gusto ko syang dilaan buong katawan…haaaaayyyyy clint sarap mo !!!

  4. He’s Gay.. he’s from Bicol.. a registered nurse. Former FA of Ceb Pac tapos lumipat sa Philippine Airlines kung saan andun din ang boyfriend niya FA din Disney Roz ang name. Lantad sila todo post pa ng pics tapos biglang delete kasi sasali pala sa pageant. Pero natanggal din to sa Pal. Kumikembot to pagrumarampa.

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