Rockin’ Robin

How about basketball players? We haven’t had them for a while. Today is special because we have one former varsity baller in his underthings! Twenty-seven-year-old Robin Roño used to play for the National University Bulldogs and professionally with the Alaska Aces. These days he wants to model and we fully support him, underwear and all.

51 thoughts on “Rockin’ Robin”

  1. he is one hot dude…
    hyped lang green archers and blue eagles but youll really find the best looking players in other schools, example is this guy.

  2. I laughed at him when he said P50k daw ang damage. He even referred some NU players if I can’t afford his fee.

  3. Ahhh mas malaking cguro kita mag benta ng balls compare Sa maglaro ng balls…. What you think mga sis….

  4. mga ilusyonadang mga lolang bakla mga nandito… puro booking ang bukambibig… ni hindi kayo papansinin ng mga yan

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