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Sea man

Karan1Sooner or later I will allot my time for some post on the (im)propriety of using underwear as swimwear. Blame it on guttersnipes who think that any Bench Body pair of briefs is speedo-worthy.  And so we are tormented with not-so-beautiful people in social media who post photos of them-damned-selves in their Bench Body undies by the sea or pool. Or mucky river. Proudly. Karan2For now, I’ll just devote my visual craving for beautiful men at the beach, regardless of their preference for swimwear. Remember Karanjit Singhdole of Bodyshots past? He’s wading in the waters. In his black Bench Body underthings! With a well-built physique, a sexy mug and some promise of a bulge, of course, I don’t mind. I have double standards sometimes.

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  1. yung nga naiisip ko, if you search for the #benchbody on instagram, you’ll see some jeje they’re wearing/flaunting their undies sa beach, pool, etc. i find it really funny. I mean, undies are undies, not a swimwear

    1. maybe bench was made for dual purpose that of undies and beachwear, i once bought a pair of bench supporters but can be used as daily underwear.

  2. Sya yung kasama namin nung nag pictorial para sa model ng bench tapos nung gabi naka inuman kami natulog kaming sama sama then naghubad sya tapos sinubukan kong salsalin di nya napapansin grabe sobrang laki gusto ko na syang kantutin pero baka magising mahigit 7-7.5 inches ata yung tite nya

  3. I worked with him before and he was quiet and very professional. He knew his poses well and had great projection.

  4. Daks talaga ang model na ito kasi nung nag change costume sya nakita ko.. sobrang taba po.. promise

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