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Seeing Red

Is it the middle of the week yet? I am sharing these photos, caps from the mail. I get all the weird stuff from vanilla to hardcore, and these ones are too good not to share. He’s not that famous, but then again, cuteness knows no following or popularity.



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  1. Uncut Sarap! Puhrang sherewp laruin foreskin nya. Puhrang bet ko diladilaan ang folds ng foreskin nya. Hihi

      1. Lol. Puhrang may bago ka na namang name dito lolashie. Puhrang same same lang naman kuda mo poh. Lol

        1. Puhrung tunguh kuh lungz BAKLA! Dumih lungz ayaw suh pagiging pathetic moh BAKLA!


          1. by madami, meaning, ikaw at lahat ng alternicks mo? Puhrang buko ka na lolashie! puhrang tomoh nga ako no?

    1. Puhrung kuh pathetic nuh bukluh Bakla! Di nuhmun papatol c Nico sayo eeevaaaaaaahhh kashe poohritang pooh2 kuh lungz! Ni pehrah kulungz2 kuh kyah pishonet na tae kuh eh!


      1. Hi again my number 1 fan, puhrang lahat ng kuda ko ever present ka po. Lol. E kamusta poh yung kulangot na pinahid ko sa yo poh? Puhrang nagenjoy ka poh ba? Lol.

        1. Noh BAKLA! Puhrung feeling moh mashado kahetz lam nemen na delusional patheticness kuh lungz!


          1. Puhrang delotional ako, lagi kasi ako pinapahiran ng lotion ng mga poging afam! E ikaw my fan, puhrang kulangot lang pinapahid sa yo! hahahahaha

  2. So, this is the guy who screwed her gf by fucking girls and gays when his gf is not around. I presume he is a grower.

  3. The issue is that he got caught cheating. But the thing is, most female models in his circle knows he’s been playing and fucking around. And they use him too. Since he’s hot and horny, the female models swarm him, and let him fuck them. It’s a normal thing in the modeling industry, mas okay na pakantot sa hot guy without commitments, kesa mag-jowa tas kakantot din naman ng iba. Nagpapalit-palit lang din naman sila ng fuck buddies, nothing new. Sa totoo lang tayo. The thing is, he committed with aggrieved female model, and yet still fucked around, that’s his mistake.

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