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Sex object

zeus1 zeus2I just love using that term/phrase these days: sex object. In a good way, of course. I’m pretty sure Zeus Arellano a.k.a. God of the Dancefloor wouldn’t mind. He’s my object of fantasy, dream boy, kink kick, at the moment.  With his good looks and hot body, Mr. Z is surely raking in admirers who only have wild and prurient fantasies of this guy. Of course, it helps that rumors abound on his legendary large member.

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  1. i will kneel before him and suck that big and hopefully bushy cock all day and night! grabe ang tarugo! nakakaloko, nakakabaliw! walang tigil ang jakol ko!

  2. Legendary large member? ANo yon pa utot nanaman ni manager john brillantes? Eh obviosa namang dyutay.

  3. Macho dancer poh ba siya? Or midnight dancer ba ang tawag dun, tulad sa movie? Saang bar poh?

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