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Sexy Tony

tony vanOkay, I get it folks. You don’t like the kid posted below. Give it time. Who knows? In the meantime, to appease your seeming displeasure, I would like to introduce to you Anthony van Dierendonck. Tony is from Davao and I’m not too sure if he’s related to the hot Dutch-Filipino model Alec van Dierendonck. Anthony made a fresh appearance in this site 4 years ago (see here). Now, he’s one of the contestants of B-Naked: The Elite Super Model Quest happening on May 27, 2015 at the Music Museum. If you want to see him in person, tickets are available at TicketWorld 891.9999,  Music Museum 721.0635 or Roldan 0905 359.5091.

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  1. what a relief! thnx rd for reading our sentiments, this site should contain naked men or in their skimpy bikinis and anthony just fits in the picture. well, jakol mode again! ahh!

  2. Kasuka yung “lalake” ba yun o tomboy? Kadiri isang sumpa! LOL anyway thanks RD kahit mukha tong may “promise” at least fuckable at may chance na malawayan! Shlurp shlurp

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