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While everyone’s talking about the grand Bench Body show at the Philippine Fashion Week [“grand” because there was a legion of nearly-nekkid local and foreign models in skimpy underwear], another undergarments company held a show somewhere in a cozy bar in the metro. Guitar underwear showcased its latest collection this season with  main man Carlos Agassi gamely walking the runway in his skivvies. Mike Tan was also there, launched as an additional endorser of the brand.
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  1. Anyone here who can kindly tell me how do i get to the main ofc of guitar briefs. Or whos th manufacturer. Pls.

  2. flowers for agassi? how very… hihihi!!! totoo ba ang chismax about him… ay, shonga ko, umamin na nga pala ito sa kanyang jowa relationship in his younger(?)years (lang?)… isa pa ito na dapat nang lumaban sa pagdi2splay ng burat, tumatanda ka na dong!

  3. oh my… ewan ko lang pero… gustong gusto kong dilaan ang lahatlahat ng parte ng katawan ni carlos agassi… kahit sinasabi nilang may amoy siya…

    1. This is from Gold’s Gym: hindi siya napatalsik. but ikaw na nag post nito: bukas, may mare receive kang kurikong. Thats for being an intriggera.

  4. so totoo pala ang blind item sa kanya sa isang blog tunkol sa isang hunky actor na nahuling sumubo sa isang hunky non celebrity patron?

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