Sizzling Scenes

I am continuing from the post last week about Marco Gumabao’s new movie, My Husband, My Lover. The movie’s out today and the promised scenes of Marco’s very private moments with Skanky Kylie are shared with you today. He’s not yet ready for the frontal nudity scenes, so he used a cup or plaster in old showbiz parlance. It will do, considering we get to see his full naked body.

16 thoughts on “Sizzling Scenes”

  1. that will do, for now.

    ..but we need to see that real big D soon, daddy Marco.
    All these Marco in undies + the big bulge ads made me so thirsty.

  2. sana nagpapubes ka man lang sana, king marco.
    sabi nga ng karakter mo sa just a stranger, “bulbulin ka na, pwede ka nang magka-baby”

    just a stranger = butt exposure
    my husband, my lover = side-view semi-nude
    next film = full frontal na

  3. Wala na talagang dating si Marco, Salve para na siyang niluma ng panahon. #classiclolita #takeitperminutemeganun #74naako

    1. Teh ndi nman nka erect yung ke paolo gumabao wag k ngang boba pano mo mssabing maliitšŸ¤£kumg nka erect n yun at 4inches lng eh maliit nga kaso malambot eh ndi erected yung nota nya sa movie.

  4. @ Lolit Solis Madame! Please… Act/behave your age, po.
    @ Uhaw Paolo is younger, isn’t he?
    @ Admin Talagang ‘skanky’ na si MI 2016? Ano’ng nagbago?

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