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Skinny guy’s guide to a beach body

Gil WagasI’ve never been a big fan of lean guys, but somehow model and pageant winner Gil Wagas tickles my fancy. Like ultra-thin feather fancy. Gil reminds me of those tall guys you would sometimes encounter along Bulge Boulevard corner Swelling Street, drinking high-proof distilled spirits with their shirts off and smelly shorts on. The ones with the nice bods and cute faces. I’d kill for that bod, if you ask me.

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  1. pagkatapos kong maka-sex ang ito ng sunod-sunod, sa ospital ang bagsak ko! warak warak na ang wetpaks ko! hahahaha!

  2. malakas ang resistensya nito sa kama. pang-matagalan. hindi sanay to sa quikie. kailangan babaran ng nota sa butas!

  3. he looks like zanjoe marudo, ang sarap sarap chupain at romansahin, oh pare gil kanina pa ako nagjajakol sa yo!

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