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Snackin’ on John


A week without a John Spainhour pic in this blog is like a week without sunshine. I think. John is the ideal underwear model, who’s not too timid showing off. If you like chunky hunky guys, John will give you visual pleasure. Of course, I wouldn’t mind snackin’ on that healthy bulge down there!

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  1. john, i love you very much…you’re my dream boy…alas, it will remain a dream…i love everything about you…i would like to explore every nook and cranny of your manhood, feast on your assets, lick and swallow your throbbing cock till it spurts your warm cum…i love you, john spainhour, every hour on the hour.

    1. Claiming something that isn’t true to justify your frustration of not being able to “get” him.

      “I-getchang” mo nalang mga tambay sa pier tulad nung “jay and marinero” na yan! Php 4500 lang daw singil niya!


  2. jakol mode na naman dahil kay papa john. sarap isubo ng buong buo ang naghuhumindig nyang burat. swerte ni mama ben chan, for sure natamuran na siya nito

  3. Tilapia tlaga? Kaartehan ka teh ha? Wag kang bitter bakla! SPAINHOUR! Saraaap mooo! U make me feel undressable!!

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