Some Clarification

Twenty-three-year-old Daniel Kenji Matsunaga will soon make up the handsome triumvirate of Brazilian-Japanese models at Mercator Model Management, Inc., which also manages Aki and Hideo. Two things – [1.] In this video, Daniel Kenji confirms his nationality and lineage. [2] Mercator writes in to report that the comment on Daniel being an exclusive model of Reco Modeling Agency is unfair. Mercator says that it did not pirate Daniel from Reco. International models, reportedly, have their own agents abroad, which agents can arrange the direct bookings from other countries. It turns out that both agencies -Reco and Mercator -know the agent of Daniel, who chose the latter when he decided to try his luck in Manila. Capisce!

5 thoughts on “Some Clarification”

  1. GRAZIE MILA mi amico! but hey, this guy is Carioca. why are we talking spaghetti lingo.

    BOM DIA Daniel…love your churrasco.

  2. Dapat papuntahin na rin dito si Leandro Okabe. Para sa akin si Leandro ang pinaka yummy sa apat na Nippon Brazileiro

  3. RD hindi ka kaya makasuhan sa pinaggagawa mong paglalagay ng watermark sa mga pics na nahagilap mo lang sa net? parang inaangkin mo yang pics eh obvious naman kung san mo nakuha yan. comment lang from a concerned and avid follower of your blog.

    anyway wish kong magtagal si kenji dito. he’s male perfection personified.

  4. lintek! tao pa ba to! parang napakaperfect! kugn fair si God I’m sure may imperfections rin to. ano???? may luslos, kulang ng isang balls, boses ipis, ano???? ano?????!!!!! anoooohhhhhhh!!!!!

    sa totoo lang nagmumukhang dugyot na low class model si akihiro pag itabi kina hideo at daniel. Nauna lang sha kaya siya sumikat, but the truth is, he’s so over rated!

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