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Look who was at the water park last weekend? It’s our favorite constant contestant of bikini open past – Ram Ace Bautista. He was chillin’ and killin’ by the pool in regulation swimwear. Just like the good old days. And he was in that bikini contest, too, where he probably was the oldest…..and the hottest among the contestants.
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  1. sarap tsupain nitong si ram ace. malaki kargada nito. nasilipan ko na ‘to habang nagpapalit ng trunks sa isang bikini contest. malaki etits at yummy ng wetpaks. shit! fuck!

  2. Sino may contact number Nya?gusto q po sya matikman..

    Ano nga po pala meaning ng Laila Dee?Just curious

  3. i know him very well, including how he makes love…he’s a great kisser…his body is divine!!!

  4. mabango ang katawan nyan..walang itatapon pag dinilaan mo…he makes sure he is so clean before having sex….he now works in a gym

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