37 thoughts on “Superbod”

  1. He is certainly goodlooking and a lot might definitely find him hot but for some reason, the modelling image he is leading to is not gearing towards high fashion but more on porn-ish..

  2. I doubt if he will win, wala pa naman na one of US ang naging winner, if mag win s’ya siya ang first one of US winner, Go teh itayo mo ang bandera natin….. Go for the win…..

  3. ‘Yung mga nagsasabi’ng “nakailan’g jakol ako”, sabihin niyo na lang kasi kung nakailan kayo, para Admin can get an idea.

    This is a market survey. Without hard data, Admin will go home penniless. Maawa kayo!!! 🙁

  4. Imagine ganyan bAng porna nakatali Ang kamay up in the air habang inaabuso ko sya from head to toe.
    Titirik mata nya sa sarap! But
    Try me Kirk!

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