30 thoughts on “Superbod Robert”

    1. Not very, po. To get a sense of scale, use the “Three Towers” (Ajdani, Magalona, & Bondad) as reference. 🙂

  1. Final 5 ni Admin Dear consists of Hamilton, Erie, Bondad, Roxas, and Banzuela. Not bad! Nagkaiba lang kayo nu’ng sa kabila ng isa… 🙂
    Paparo is your dark horse? And safe to say Ajdani is now out…
    Si Kai, huwag kalilimutan, ha? Cute, sarap tropahin!

    Btw, why don’t you do a “jojowahin or totropahin?”? Like what MPE 2019 JT did?

    1. Puhrang you need to create your own blog po and do whatever you want there po. Puhrang ang korni po nung jojowain or trotropahin. Puhrang mas ok pa kung chuchurvahin o chuchupain…

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