Hot Men in the Philippines


It’s summer and the boys are jobless, so the next best thing for them to do is to shed some clothes for social media. Kit Thompson is doing just that and it’s such a delight seeing him workout in his underwear, sweaty wetty and lots of jizzy.

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  1. Pa gwapo ng pa gwapo si Papa Kit! Kahit juts si Papa talagang masarap pa ring jowain! <3 <3 <3 PRAK!

  2. Oh ehm gee. Puhrang I can still remember ng makasabay ko sha sa elevator ng condo, he looked at me talaga and puhrang gandang ganda sya sa kin poh, Pehroh I loved you eversince poh Papa Kit… Hihi…

  3. Imagine sliding all over his body…with his sweat and excreted natural oil…imagine the manly smell of this good looking creature…sniffing and licking his armpits going to his nipples kissing his belly down that inviting trail….ahhhh Kit!!

  4. Linaspag yan ni Deo E. na minor pa siya (he was minor age when he transferred and entered PBB, malaki lang bulas kc half Kiwi siya) pero inubos tamod niya ni Deo At Laurenti…… c Vice lang di umubra sa kanya kaya napikon At galit c Kabayo sa kanya up to now….

  5. Sarap naman ni kit, kaso flat as a pancake both front and back! Kadisappoint naman. Half white pero dyutay! Mas malakas ang dugong pinoy cheret!

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