44 thoughts on “Tat Boy!”

  1. Tattoos will “date” you. It means it will indicate which decade you got those tattoos. Remember those tribal band tattoos? When I see those on guys, I go “oh, he was in his twenties back in the 90s when he got them”. Now these guys who get their ethnic tattoos, just imagine when they get older, it’s not gonna look good on their sagging skin, in addition to letting others know when they got them. Just saying.

  2. sana wag na nyng dagdagan pa ung tats nya ok na yan mga tats nya!
    ung kay Vince C. parang naaddict na sya sa pagkakarun ng tats
    … well kung sa dutdutan festival nla pinagawa yan aba madiskarte dahil ang alam ko cla pa ang pinapayaran para tattooan.

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