51 thoughts on “Ten Years”

  1. Alala ko to along with jay-r, lucky and doug Kramer were in top 10. Sana rd meron din sila after 10 years. Naimagine ko sila mas nakakalibog kasi dadbod na esp doug..

    1. Haha IKR! I was thinking kung sino ba yung celebrity doppelgänger n’ya pero can’t remember the name, good thing you mentioned JM grabe uncanny resemblance, look what cruel age and alcohol can do to you

      1. Same as Ogie Diaz, Arnel Ignacio at Piolo Pascual. Mas boba ka! Bakla na bawal magkaanak? Sang planeta ka ba nakatira?

        1. True! Even gay men can produce their biological son/daughter, porke Bakla impossible magka anak? Tita Swarding is 101% gay pero 8 anak niya WAKE UP Beks!!!

    1. Bakala, ang decade equivalent to 10 years. Kung full decade sabi ni RD, e di 10 years pa lang. Basa basa din ha, di puro titi lang nasa isip.

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