The 400: Michael Yan

I only realized until now that this would have to be the 400th post. It has been a while since I started putting up this photo blog with the sole intention of sharing [and unloading] photo files that I have and of course, something to do at nights when I’m alone and borny [it works big time, it took my mind off such carnal matters]. Along the way, I got to meet UPH, who has since been constantly bugging me to go to the male pageants and bring my superannuated camera. Besides, he has been a good friend and listening board lately, so I haven’t been complaining – despite being a little devil himself. And then there’s demure and vince [from my PP days], who have been supportive and generous in their comments. There’s mysterious Lito [all the way from the Middle East, I think] who has been sending me all this time photos and news about male stuff. And mean and amusing J. , who’s always kvetching at my posts on Jon Mullally and Andrew Wolff [I’m now wondering why]. There’s cheriepie, a confirmed woman reader of this blog, always with encouraging comments. Plus the emails I get from wonderful people. Thank you guys, I would love to meet you someday. I am not closing this blog yet. I’m just extending my thank-you’s on this 400th post. And now here’s Michael Yan, a 24-year old model-hunk, who’s appeared in various contests and runway shows in the metro.

4 thoughts on “The 400: Michael Yan”

  1. michael yan pla sya…gusto nyo bang mapanood ung scandal nya..meron sya at ginawa nya tlaga for porn movie with two girls from copy ako..

  2. Actually screen name lang ang MICHAEL and yes you guys should see the straigh triple X porn flick that he’s done… He’s nicely hung ;-P

    -John LX

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