The Boys

There must be a very special reason why these three handsome boys were put together in a racy scene. Of course, Luis Hontiveros, Addy Raj and Mark McMahon did not just one, but two home-made flicks enough to thrill girls and girls alike. While those vids didn’t leave too much for the gay imagination, this photo is wholesome enough for some sexy gathering of the trio.

41 thoughts on “The Boys”

      1. Meron po. May ka phone sex cia at dinidilaan nya kunyari ung pekpek. Ang sarap lang kse sobrang Bastos ng mga sinasabi nya.

  1. Si mark kapartner ni Paolo Ballesteros. Si addy raj naman kay Martin del Rosario tapos si Luis kay Christian bables. Sana sa sequel Ng movie nila sa iwant na para todo na yung sex scene sa mga leading man nila ala batang poz.

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