The Brothers Manansala

All that famewhoring paid off for brothers Jovani and Junnel Manansala. Known for taking their shirts off and constant cock-teasing in social media (how else would we notice?), the brothers are now in the Folded and Hung digital ads. They bring a certain working-boys zest to these parts, which is always appreciated in this sleazy site, if you ask me.

59 thoughts on “The Brothers Manansala”

  1. junnel’s so sosyal looking kind of gwapo. would give some of the hashtags and almost all of the that’s my baes a run for their money

  2. pumapayat yung jiovani. mas okay siya nuon. ngayon tuloy nangingibabaw yung junnel. dami kong satsat bibigay naman ako kahit sa sino sa kanila. lelz.

      1. Oo tama ka. At nakalimutan mo yung kambal na subtok sa panga, para kahit na maliit titi ay hindi na niya ma chupa ng tsonggo na yan.

  3. Junnel alaga ni Tito Boy Abunda. Dinala sa kanya ibinugaw, ginawang part ng group na nagpeperform sa casinos noon kasama sina Ian Batherson etc.

  4. 3k each pwede na sa kanila noon. kasama nila sa booking scene yung namatay lately na guy, yung nahulog sa balcony

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