The buzz on Hayden Kho, Jr.

Despite recent backroom talk about some medical malpractice suit settled in dizzying millions of pesos, Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. seems undaunted. The 6’2″-tall celebrity with the long hyphenated title – i.e. model-singer-doctor-actor, is juggling his medical work and showbiz career at the same time. So far, it is working, though, as he has appeared countless times on tv soaps and variety shows while doing his day job as one of the affiliated doctors of the Belo Medical Group. Hayden, who passed the Physician Licensure Exams in 2007, also has certificates from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery in Palm Springs, FL and the European Anti-Aging Society in Paris, France.

9 thoughts on “The buzz on Hayden Kho, Jr.”

  1. He is scary. His face is sooooo unnatural. His voice is well… let’s just say we all have voices. Ang baduy niya I swear. Atat na atat sa limelight… parang si Makisig Morales.

  2. he is hot in this picture..its obvious this picture has been photoshop edited..but FYI, this guy is above all guys! not only he has the look, the mouth watering body ,hopefully have big, rigged, and tasty meat, but also he has the brain! imagine!he is one hot looking doctor! go doctor hayden! live our fantasy alive!

  3. plastic surgery demise absolutely true but covered up. Poor hyden. and my condolences to the husband and to the kids of the liposuction victim. I suggest he goes into an accredited residency training in surgery or plastic surgery to ensure his patients’ safety.

  4. what brain?! juice ko bobito daw yan sa med school noh. and obviosa sa interviews na may pagkaslow ang lolo nyo… typical all brawn and no brains.

    well well well, i guess nakikita na niya ang benefits na pagiging jowa ni belo. my gosh grabeh ang damage control huh. asthma chuvaness 3 days after the liposuction daw… asus! according to a VERY reliable source, peritonitis ang cause of death ng patient na nilipow ni dr. hayden na obviously not yet trained to do such a procedure. naperforate ng lolo nyo ang abdomen kaya infection ang inabot! kashokot davah? grabeh rin ang relatives nung VICTIM, quiet na lang, nasilaw sa datung.

    hay naku itigil na ang pagmamagaling hayden. maghubad ka na lang, tutal mukhang dyan ka magaling…

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