The Harrys

J., these are the chinito Harrys I was telling you about – Harry de Guzman [right] and Harry Chua aka Harry Laurel of the new Men of Provoq team. Harry de Guzman, late 20’s, is a ramp and commercial model, who was a regular fixture in the past editions of the Cosmopolitan [Philippines] Magazine’s Bachelors’ Bash. Harry Chua, early 20’s, was the grand winner in Heatwave 2007 – A Bikini Showdown. He is also in an indie movie called Ang Lalaki sa Parola [The Man in the Lighthouse]. Whoever ticks your fancy, both chinito guys are hunky dory, if you ask me.

8 thoughts on “The Harrys”

  1. If I were in H.K., Beijing, K.L., Singapore or Taipeh I would clamour for such chinitos with peach fuzz body hair. But if I am in Manila I would hysterically go after the Johnron types. The ones with dark, bushy & manly pubes. Am I right Jon? Keep it natural and show us naman some preview. You know the Medieval market saying : “inspect the merchandise before you drop the schilling.”

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